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Friday, September 2, 2011

Student Safety and Privacy on Google Apps

Received  an email from a school about a parent who was concerned about the type of information their student was being asked to post to a class project website.
Remember to keep the kids safe, follow policies and laws, and think about your parents and their potential concerns.

Safety and Privacy
There are certain things you (or your students) should never post to the web - especially as part of school projects.  The Jeffco Web Agreement - as linked on slide 11 of the Jeffco Google Apps Intro Presentation helps lay some of that out.  Look particularly at page 3, # 3 - Student Information and photos  "Above all, schools are urged to protect student safety and to be respectful of student privacy."

Use the power of "sharing" settings in your Google Site (and docs, etc.)
With safety and privacy in mind, you can set your site, and now your pages, to be shared only with specific people - as viewers or editors.

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