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Friday, September 9, 2011

Fix those Google Security Certificate Errors!

Error I used to get in Google Apps
Tired of having to tell your browser that you really do trust Google Apps?  IT has provided a fix.  This will work on personal laptops, ipads, phones, etc. that staff or students use on the JeffcoGuest network.  In most schools, you should not see this security certificate problem on your Jeffco machines, but some users have reported problems with the Jeffco Firefox install - and this should fix that as well.

Open this link in the browser (and device) that has the certificate issues … follow the instructions and you're good to go.  (those instructions are different on different devices and different browsers - just click "okay" or "I accept" or "yes" or whatever it asks).

Here are screenshots of what it looked like on my iPod Touch:

Error I used to get in Google Apps
The window that opened when I clicked on the above link from my iPod 

The next screen (after I clicked "Install")

And the next (after I clicked "Install" again)

After that my Ipod and Google Apps got along nicely.
When I clicked on the link in Firefox on a computer - the steps looked different - but the concept is the same:  I had to check 3 boxes and click a button - and then it was all good.

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