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Friday, May 11, 2012

Google Drive: The New Google Docs

As mentioned in a previous post (with promo video):  Google Docs will soon become Google Drive. 

Starting next Wednesday (May 16), Jeffco Google Apps users will be able to "Opt In" to Google Drive.
Please note - The Google Drive software install does not work on Jeffco machines in the Jeffco environment - yet.  That is being worked on.  But the web version of Drive will basically look, feel and behave like Docs does.  (you can try it in personal Google accounts now)

Here is the announcement from Google:

"Drive: On 5/14 we will start the rollout of the “opt-in” phase of Google Drive to scheduled track domains. The “opt-in” phase consists of the following:
  • Users can visit where they can opt-in to Drive.
  • As part of opting in, they will be shown an interstitial which includes this video.
  •  If an opted in user visits, the user will be redirected to
  • The “Documents” navigation item will change to “Drive.”

The rollout will start on 5/14 and take 1-2 weeks. Once Drive is fully rolled out to a domain, new users in the domain will be Drive users. Even once a user has opted into Drive, they can revert to the Docs look via a setting in the Drive user-interface (although they will remain on"

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