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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Efficient Ways to Share Your Google Docs, Sites and more

How do you share your Google stuff?   
Most people who start using Google Docs quickly figure out how to share with other people by entering their username one at a time, but...
Here are three different ways to make sharing and collaborating easier in Google Apps:  
Contacts, Groups and Collections.
How do you share in Google?  What tips and tricks can you give to help save time and peace of mind?  Questions for the collective brain?  Please add to the conversation through comments below.


  1. We use forms to quickly collect student info for sharing (copy/paste) We also use Forms for collecting work from students. Students still share the doc/item but then submit the URL via a form. It results in a wonderfully organized & sortable spreadsheet with student names & the link to their work. Most teachers add in a grade column & record grades right on the spreadsheet. See my Forms presentation ( for examples.

    1. Like you Jen, I have been using Google Forms to quickly collect the students Google Sites URLs. As an elective teacher, I teach 250+ students a year, and this has been an extremely fast and simple way to easily get ALL their site addresses. Then once all the students have filled in the form, in the spread sheet I have a nicely organize list of the students name, their website, and what period they have me. In my class, their site becomes a digital portfolio of all their work from computers class. This class list spread sheet lets me quickly navigate to their site for grading.

      I like the idea of adding a grade column too!

  2. A natural use of collections in elementary is to create a collection for a class of students. Once the collection is created, teachers can easily share docs with their whole class by dragging the doc they want to share to that collection.

  3. Thanks Jen and Andi! Both are great time savers. Had a docs training this morning and some teachers were talking about the Collections (folders) also working as a "drop box" for students to turn in work - and quickly collaborate and comment on each other's docs.