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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Google Sites - No Edit Button? - Simple fix

A few users in Jeffco have reported in just the past week that they can't get the editing tools in their Google Site.  Doesn't seem to matter what browser.  We have not been able to determine why - but for each person the solution ended up being fairly simple: refresh the page (reload).  One person had to right click on the page and select "reload."
If  you are signed in to Google Apps and you reload the page and you still don't see the editing tools, please contact the service desk.


  1. From Leah at Arvada West: We figured out that if we click the compatibility button just to the right of the URL window, but left of the browser refresh button, the edit button returns.

  2. Marc from EMS. The refreash button did not work for me, but the compatibility button did work. The page looks a little different, but still works. This has happened on several of my sits and only on my computer that uses window 7. I have been able to go to older computers in the school and I don't have that issue.

  3. I have a similar problem when creating sites. It hung on me. Control-F5 didn't fix (it usually fixes everything that google has issues with). I had to delete the site from the please wait - being created page, and then really delete it (remove from deleted sites) and then re-create it. That worked.

    Control F5 is my friend for almost all other issues.