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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Creating a Google Contact List for Staff

Staff Lists - from Outlook to Google 
Please note:  This only works in "Outlook Client" - not in OWA (web version).  If you don't have Outlook software on your machine, you could ask someone who does to help you with steps 1-6 (office staff?).  After you have the excel file you can work on any machine.

Open this document for step by step directions on how to take a distribution list from Outlook (such as the "DL" list for your whole school) and put it in Excel, then change the format and ending of the email address (from to  - and import it into Google Contacts to share documents, sites and more.


  1. Hmmmmm, when I expand the DL list in the Outlook Client, it shows the "Display As" information which is names rather than email addresses. I can't seem to find a way to convert to addresses. What am I missing? Thanks for any info. -- Sharon Lopez,

  2. Did you do step 5? Copy those names from the "To" field and paste them into the body of the message? That is when I got the names and addresses (which you then copy/paste into Excel).
    I'm not usually much of a directions-follower, but for these I had to read through Alice's steps carefully. Hope that helps!

    1. When I paste into the body of the message, I still get names, not addresses. And my only options for pasting "Specially" are unformatted unicode or unformatted text.

  3. Well - after some troubleshooting with Sharon, we discovered that one of the steps doesn't work in older versions of Outlook. You need to use Outlook 2010. Sorry!