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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Password Changes for Jeffco Students

Description: Student and computer picAs a critical part of teaching students how to become good digital citizens in a 21st century learning environment, Jeffco's IT Department will begin to force password
changes for student accounts. 

Students will begin to change their passwords for Google Apps, computer logins, Infinite Campus (i.e. Student Portal), and Blackboard on 
Wed., May 9. These password changes will not affect any other student applications like Acuity or Horizon.

When students are forced to change their passwords, the change updates all student accounts. All students in second through 12th grade are required to change their passwords. A more simplified process will be used for second and third-grade students and those details will be communicated to elementary schools. 

The process can be accomplished in a few short steps; 
learn more here. Several schools will test the process onThursday, May 3. All students will change their passwords when they login beginning on Wed., May 9.
Some students use a different password for Google Apps than what they use for Campus Portal. Beginning at 9 p.m. on Wed., May 2, the passwords for these two systems will sync. Students will then use the same password for both applications. View password change information and resources.
IT and Ed Tech Services will coordinate with teacher librarians and principal secretaries at the elementary and middle schools, and with teacher librarians and technology coordinators in the high schools to implement this change.

For more information about the student password switch, 
e-mail Greg Mortimer or Chris Paschke.


  1. Changing passwords has been easy! We'll see how long students remember their new choices:).

  2. My own kids (3rd, 5th and 12th grades) seem to be handling it well. The 3rd grader already memorized her strange, random 8 digit password and the 5th grader loved being able to pick his own.