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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Google Forms for Administrative Walk-Through Observations - Part II

About a month ago, we shared a post about using Google Forms for Principal Observations, but we have updated information and resources for you.
1st - A presentation we just used in a training for about 60 administrators in Jeffco on how to access the template and build their own form for this process. 

2nd - Included in the presentation is this video of the principal at Carmody using the form on his iPad. 

3rd - These step by step directions on how to access the templates (one from Carmody, one from O'Connell, and one from Falcon Bluffs) and edit it for their own needs. (linked near the end of the presentation)

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  1. Got a question from someone having trouble deleting columns from the spreadsheet after they edited the forms. It is a little tricky (hidden?) - here are the steps with a screencast:

    •I went in and chose “unhide” for your columns.
    •Then I highlighted a column by clicking on the cell with the letter at the top of the column.
    •Then I had to go to the “Edit” menu and choose “Delete Column “*””
    •You can also select multiple columns and delete all at once.

    I did a quick recording (with poor audio) of the process:

  2. Thanks to Emilie Nickoloff, Teacher-Librarian at Ken Caryl Middle, for sharing this document she created for her principal on how to access and use the walkthrough form.