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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Three New Features in Google Docs

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  1. One word of caution with presentations that are created or uploaded with the new presentation editor - it isn't working with the district's version of IE or Firefox. It will open as a presentation to view, but not to edit.

  2. We experienced this issue this week and it is causing some "tears" in the library. Collective problem solving is awesome!

  3. Have had good luck with new version in Chrome, but not IE or FF. New version has different themes, so some students like the older version for its themes. Group collaboration is better on the new version -- the old version gets glitchy when 2 try to edit on the same slide at the same time sometimes. Haven't seen that with the upgrade, but we've not used it extensively yet.

  4. I used the new presentation editor for the Google Forms for Admin presentation (previous post). I really like it. I was using Chrome to edit, but people viewing it in other browsers have not reported problems.
    This is one of many reasons we are discussing the possibility of Chrome on district computers.
    We need testers!