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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Google Calendar Sharing Tip

Helpful tips from the Jeffco Service Desk for sharing your Google Calendars:
This is to inform you of a workaround for the Google Calendar sharing issue that many of you have had when using Jeffco Google Apps.

Please follow these steps to enable others to properly share (see) your calendar AFTER you have shared it with them:

  • Navigate to your calendar – you should see a list of calendars under your own personal calendar called: Other Calendars 
  • Click the drop down next to the name of your calendar. 
  • Select: Calendar Settings from the dropdown list. 
  • On the Calendar Settings page, find a section called: Calendar Address 
  • Click the blue HTML button 
  • Copy the link provided in this window. Your link should look like this: 
  • Email this link to all of the users you have shared your calendar with, once they click this link and display the calendar, the calendar will populate into their “Other Calendars” list. 

If you continue to have issues sharing your Google Calendar, please follow these steps. If you have any issues or questions about a Jeffco Google App there are a few options:

  • Often times, you can simply Google your issue! Google is great about indexing and making a help widely available for their own tools. 
  • Navigate to:, where you can search for your issue or find help and info on known issues.
  • If you just can’t seem to find the help you need, Jeffco Employees can contact the Service Desk:

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