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Friday, August 26, 2011

Calendar embedded in School Center

save imageDid you know you can embed a Google Calendar on a School Center webpage (or any website or blog that accepts embed code)?

Two examples:  Swanson Elementary and Little Elementary

Here are some directions from Shannon Feely, the Teacher-Librarian at Swanson. 

  • create your calendar in google and set it to public,
  • you can play around with the colors to get it to match your school web page
  • before you copy the embedded code, set it to agenda (the regular calendar weekly/monthly mode doesn't fit into school center well), 
    • Step by step directions with screenshots from Google  linked here
  • when you get it how you want it copy the embedded code 
  • In School Center start a scrapbook page and label it calendar (don't use a calendar page)
  • click the tool for the embedded code and copy it from google
"I love it because I no longer have to add all the events.  I gave editing rights to the principal, secretaries, and we had each grade level/team select a "Google Calendar Master" that is in charge of adding their events.  Huge time saver for me!!!  Parents love it because they can subscribe and get all the events right to their phone." - Shannon

Any other great calendar ideas?  Questions?  Join the conversation below!

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