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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Embed Google Docs videos into Sites

Screenshot (not a video)

Google Apps update alerts: Embed your Google Docs ...: "Google Apps update alerts: Embed your Google Docs videos This is awesome! Upload a video file to Google Docs, then it is easy to embed it in a Google Site."


  1. This works really well from Animoto too. I simply went to edit and then insert. At the very bottom click more gadgets. Click on the featured. One of your options is embed gadget. You can then embed a video (like animoto) by copying and pasting the embed code.

  2. I couldn't actually play the above video, so my apologies if it addresses this. After you load your video into Google Docs, don't forget to share the settings on the video too (not just the Google site where you are embedding the video). Otherwise it only shows up when you go to the site, and everyone else gets a permission denied error when they try to play the video.